Beach Umbrella Series

We have 4 brands of beach umbrellas: Sunphio, Poshlr, Luxbur and Xacool. Each Brand has its own style and features. All have great windproof performance and excellent uv protection.


Customer Reviews

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Holds up to Maui Winds
We live in Maui, HI, and wind gusts on the beach can exceed 50mpm some days. The wind also changes direction constantly and never comes from just 1 direction. We have spent over $500 trying to find various combinations of anchors, umbrellas, and tie downs, and NOTHING has worked until these bad boys. We bought 1 initially and tested it out on a VERY windy day and we're super impressed. It never once became inverted or blew over. Meanwhile, the other umbrella we were using that day broke 🤷🏻‍♀️ Needless to say, I have since bought 2 more so we can have ample shade for my husband, my dog, and myself.
Fantastic umbrella that held up on windy beach!
We took this umbrella along on our recent trip to the beach and absolutely loved it. It was sturdy, easy to set up, and folded up nicely in its carrying case. The extra sand bag and string attached to the umbrella kept it from blowing in the wind, and it was easy to adjust as the sun moved! We plan to get another so we have even more shade for our next beach vacation!
John Jones
Good value, excellent tilt function, weak sand bags
We used this umbrella straight out of the bag at North Topsail Beach, NC. I love the aun protection, the base anchor system, the ability to tilt, and the sand bags to attach to the umbrella. I have 2 areas of concern that would be a great improvement: the tiny loops that hook the tethers to the umbrella and the poor stitching of the sand bags. The sand bags actually split during out week at the beach, because we filled them with wet sand (guess they didn't expect that?). The bags themselves are still Ok, but the stitching can't hold the weight of sand, which defeats the entire purpose of the SANDbags. The loops on the umbrella where the tethers attach are not very sturdy either. I fully expect them to either tear the umbrella or tear themselves one day in the wind. Would I buy it again? Absolutely. Just be aware of these 2 things. The ability to tilt it with the 2 piece main rod is excellent
Jeremy Wrenn
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