Xacool Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Super Windproof with 360° Tilt, UV Protection

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Xacool Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Super Windproof with 360° Tilt, UV Protection


  • HAVE YOU ALWAYS HAD PROBLEMS WITH UMBRELLAS BREAKING AND BEING BLOWN AWAY? We use a 0.9-inch thickened aluminum alloy main pole to avoid the umbrella breaking. We include a shovel and sandbag to stabilize the umbrella and stop it blowing away when you use it. Our umbrella is wind resistant and very stable and will not let you down!

  • DOUBLE-LAYER VENTILATION DESIGN, STRONGER HEAT DISSIPATION PERFORMANCE. The double-layered structure ventilates in all directions, enabling the umbrella to survive in high winds and stop it being shaken. It also means that the umbrella has better heat dissipation, so that you won’t swelter and be uncomfortable under it.

  • USING FIBERGLASS IS, EASY FOR YOU TO CARRY. Fiberglass is a tough and lightweight material, so the umbrella has both wind resistance and portability, you will love this material!

  • 360-DEGREE ADJUSTMENT TO BLOCK THE SUN'S RAYS. By adjusting the spring on the pole, you can choose any angle to block the sun's rays, so you are always protected while at the beach.

  • THICKER ANTI-UV COATING, SO YOU CAN AVOID SUNBURN TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT. We use thicker Oxford cloth material and a thicker vinyl coating, to give this umbrella excellent UV protection, heat insulation and a great cooling effect. Buying our umbrella means your skin will get the best protection!

Xacool Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Super Windproof with 360° Tilt, UV Protection

Why Choose Xacool Beach Umbrellas?

Xacool is committed to better outdoor living. Our newly released beach umbrellas feature the windproof frame: a stronger pole, fiberglass ribs, a hook, a premium sand anchor and a large sandbag. Meanwhile, its premium black uv coating, flexible spring and ventilation design can maximize your shading experience!

  • Fabric: Oxford cloth with 90G black UV coating.
  • Pole Material: 0.9-inch metal rod.
  • Frame: Double fiberglass rib design.
  • Ventilation: Yes.
  • Height Adjustable: Yes.
  • Tilt Function: Spring adjustable.

A Shovel

Included Much faster to use our equipped shovel than your bare hands to fill the sandbag.

Quick Lock and Height Adjustable

The height of the umbrella can be adjusted by the lock. ATTENTION: If you find the lock does not work, please use our included rope to tie, then request a pole replacement from us.

3 Sand Stakes Included

In order to resist wind better, 3 sand stakes should be used to better protect the umbrella from being blown away.

Wind Resistant Frame with Tiltable Function

Using fiberglass ribs, the umbrella is lighter while sturdy enough. With the spring, you can easily adjust the umbrella to any angle you want.

  • Umbrella
  • Umbrella case
  • Sand anchor
  • Sand bag
  • Other useful accessories.

It's easy to assemble in just a few minutes. Everything fits into a carry bag with a sturdy shoulder strap for easy portability. And there are different umbrella colors available.

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