Poshlr Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Windproof and Excellent UV Protection

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Poshlr Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Windproof and Excellent UV Protection


  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT BREAKING. The 0.9-inch, thickened, metal main pole, will not break easily, even in high winds. As soon as it arrives, you will immediately notice the difference between this quality product and other umbrellas.

  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT BEING BLOWN AWAY BY HEAVY WINDS. The combination of sandbags, and the main pole’s hook and ground fork design, greatly improve the wind resistance and stability. When you buy our umbrella, you will immediately experience how solid it is and you won’t regret your purchase!

  • YOU WILL FEEL COOLER UNDER THE UMBRELLA. With the double-layer ventilation design, our umbrella has a stronger wind resistance and improved heat dissipation performance, because it allows ventilation in all directions, helping the umbrella to better disperse heat, so that you will no longer swelter and feel uncomfortable when relaxing under it.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT, EASY TO CARRY. The fiberglass is flexible, not easy to break and yet very light weight, helping to reduce the overall weight of the umbrella, and making carrying it outside very easy.

  • 360-DEGREE ROTATION DESIGN, WITH THICKER ANTI-UV COATING. The 360-degree universal rotation design allows you to easily block the sun’s UV rays from multiple angles. The umbrella’s surface is made of a heavier Oxford cloth material with a thicker vinyl coating, giving improved UV protection, heat insulation and cooling. Using our umbrella maximizes the UV protection for your skin and reduces the possibility of sunburn.



Poshlr Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor, Windproof and Excellent UV Protection

When mentioning our brand Poshlr, consumers will think of high-quality beach umbrellas. Made of premium materials, Poshlr umbrellas are perfected to block more than 95% of UV rays and they are your best choice for outdoor activities. We are committed to turning hot beaches into ‘sanctuaries’ so that every of our customers can enjoy the beach vacation with family and friends in comfort!

Set with Complete Accessories

The umbrella mainly contains 5 parts:

  • Umbrella
  • Umbrella case
  • Sand anchor
  • Sand bag
  • Other useful accessories.

It's easy to assemble in just a few minutes. Everything fits into a carry bag with a sturdy shoulder strap for easy portability. And there are different umbrella colors available.

Step 1

Premium 3-prong anchor. Press hard with your foot to make it fixed into the sand.

Step 2

Set up the sandbag. Compared with our last version, we now have added a sand bag and a shovel. On the protection of it, our umbrella will not be blown away in windy conditions.

Step 3

Hang the sandbag on the equipped hook to ensure that sand tightly surround the umbrella pole.

Step 4

Press the button to open the umbrella.

Step 5

Push down the buckle to lock the umbrella and pole. ATTENTION: If the buckle rebounds (a few cases were reported), please use our equipped rope to tie as shown on the right, then ask us for a pole replacement.

Step 6

Set up the 3 sand stakes. To increase the wind resistance, 3 sand stakes with ropes are included for you as well.

  • Umbrella Size: 6.5ft and 7ft available
  • Shade Area: for 2 people
  • Rod: Metal
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Ventilation: Yes (double-layer design)
  • Occasions: Beach, lawn/grass, home, fishing, etc.
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